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February 25

02/25/21 - 02/26/21

Merde Project Film Premiere. 6PM PST

Artistic Director Cameron McKinney was recently commissioned by the Merde Project to create a new film. The result was ONISM, a film featuring three soloists from Kizuna Dance (Mallory Galarza, Isaac Martin Lerner, and Rohan Bhargava). Inspired by an entry of the same name in the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, ONISM depicts the frustration of being stuck in just one body and weight that comes with the awareness of how little of everything in the world you will experience.


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March 19


Arts on Site: Arts Alive Series (Live, NYC)

6:15PM & 8:15PM

The company will present TWO, 40-minute showings of mixed repertory!

We'll be performing two shows, for a socially-distanced audience of 16 people per show. Get your tickets now, as they will sell out quickly!  

New York City