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This engagement is supported in part by Mid Atlantic Arts through USArtists International, a program in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.



Special Thanks: 

Mid Atlantic Arts 

Cathy Swedlund

Fayre Crossley

Camille Litalien

Dwan Light Sanctuary, United World College New Mexico

Pat Lehan

Naomi Swinton

Rohan Bhargava

Shivam Goel

Andrew Garvis

Pawlet Brookes

Amy Grain

Georgina Payne


LDIF’23 Interns, Staff, and Tech Staff

Healing Motion Therapy, Jonathan Locitzer and Alexandra Siegrist



Made in collaboration with filmmaker Cayla Mae Simpson

Run Time: 30 Minutes

Dancers: 1

Music: Original compositions by Cameron McKinney

Premiere: May 04, 2023

Let's Dance International Frontiers Festival

Leicester, UK

A film and dance collaboration between choreographer Cameron McKinney and filmmaker Cayla Mae Simpson, Hidden Bliss searches for the power that lies in accepting the full multiplicity of the human experience. The work brings the lightest and darkest corners of the human psyche to life through both film and hyperphysical movement. 

Created by

Cameron McKinney & Cayla Mae Simpson


Cinematography | Editing | Costumes

Cayla Mae Simpson


Choreography | Sound Composition & Design | Performance

Cameron McKinney



Serendipity UK

Let’s Dance International Frontiers 

Cameron McKinney

Cayla Mae Simpson


Vocal Performance 

Cassius Xavier Simpson


Drone Operator 

Nate Reininga

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