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2024 NEW WORK:
Father Absence | Mother Ma

Kizuna Dance's 10-Year Anniversary Season


The Work

Mar 16, 2024

Gerald Lynch Theater
at John Jay College
New York, NY

Presented by
CUNY Dance Initiatve

For the company's 10-year anniversary in 2024, we will be premiering an incredibly special and deeply personal work for Artistic Director Cameron McKinney.

FATHER ABSENCE | MOTHER MA brings a hyperphysical focus to the Japanese concept of ma, or possibilities inherent in the empty spaces between objects and bodies – a view of nothingness that allows multiple interpretations of reality to exist simultaneously. Through a movement language that blends streetdance styles, capoeira, and contemporary floorwork, the work will explore the multiversality of loss and feelings of being left behind. Across the work, Intricate ensemble sections with bodies that never make positive contact will transform into robust bursts of connectivity that explode across the stage. 

Early drafts versions of excerpts of this work were created on, and in collaboration with Boston Dance Theater, Marymount Manhattan College, San Jose State University, and Brigham Young University. 

Note from Cameron:

The core of this work comes from finding out that my birth father, whom I never knew, recently died. The loss of a parent echoes in the bones. It haunts the silent breaks in conversations. It weighs heavy on the edges of smiles.


The story of the negative space (ma) around me from his continued and persistent absence throughout my life will be depicted. The work will culminate in an ode to my mother and aunt, who filled those negative spaces with the tenderness that has brought me to where I am today. 


Can Support

This year will be the company's first full NYC Season since 2018, and will represent a culmination of the company growth of the past decade. This evening is one of the company's most ambitious projects to date, and can only happen with your support! 

Photos by Julia Discenza
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